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The year is 1946. Rita Hayworth was born for Color. With her reddish-brown hair and bright red lipstick (mixed with Vasoline to make it shine), Rita was one of Classic Hollywood’s screen beauties. We’ve taken one of Rita’s publicity photos, which were usually printed in Black & White – and bathed it in fabulous shades of color, in the style of 1940s Technicolor. I don’t mind saying that it’s almost like being there!

1946 - Rita Hayworth (O)

1946 - Rita Hayworth (T)



Art - AC - Blog Photo

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The year is 1850. Here’s a marvelous daguerreotype of an unknown Boston woman, taken by Southworth & Hawes. As you can see, the clarity is amazing for 164 years ago. Albert Sands Southworth and Josiah Johnson Hawes are considered the fathers of photography as an artform. Color of course is by us troublemakers at American Photo Colorizing.com

1850 - Boston Mystery Woman (O)

1850 - Boston Mystery Woman