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Welcome to American’s photo blog. We colorize black & white photos for Museums, Television, Films, Publications . . . and families like yours. A visit to our website gets you started:

The year is 1923. Harold Lloyd is just hanging out in this famous publicity still from his comedy, “Safety Last”. Lloyd did his own stunts, so he really is hanging high above Broadway in downtown Los Angeles, about an hour’s drive from our studio.

1923 - Harold Lloyd - Safety Last (O)

1923 - Harold Lloyd - Safety Last (T)

The building, built in 1914, is located at 908 South Broadway, and is still standing today, as you can see from this Google Earth image (908 is the 8 story building on the left). Like the rest of Los Angeles, the neighborhood has changed a lot in 93 years.

1923 - Safety Last - Clock Scene - 908 S.Broadway, LA)

Be sure to follow our blog, so you can enjoy hundreds of Before & After images of Colorized History. We publish our blog once a week- on Fridays, with occasional special editions, as we find the time. 2016 has turned into a busy year for American, so we had to set aside the blog for a few months. But, we’re glad to be back – bringing you the best darn colorizing on Earth (and maybe Mars).

Art - Ventura Star 1
See, we told you we’ve been busy!


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