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Welcome to the American Colorizing.com photo blog! Our client list includes The History Channel, Ancestry.com, Canada’s Royal Alberta Museum, African-American Civil War Museum in Washington, DC, Baltimore Civil War Museum, State Office of Hawaiian Affairs in Honolulu . . . and so many others.

Ever notice how “Orange” Donald Trump’s hair is? WE’RE responsible for that. Yes, it’s been COLORIZED!

Our customers range from TV Documentary producers to Magazine Covers . . . to families like YOURS! A visit to our website gets you started: http://www.americancolorizing.com

You’ve probably noticed that our blog has not been publishing on schedule lately. That’s because I’ve been pulling double duty – reformatting our website for WordPress – and working as a Producer for a national broadcast network here in Southern California. So, things have gotten quite busy. We haven’t gone away completely – just reorganizing our lives. You can expect lots of American Colorizing photo blogs in 2017 – our studio’s 16th year in business.

Halloween is just around the corner, so here’s a spooky cheesecake shot of Anne Nagel from 1940. And as an added “Treat” (and a little bit of “Trick” photography) – I’ve added a very creative 1908 short film, called “The Haunted House”.

Anne Nagel - Halloween (1940)

1940 - Anne Nagel - Halloween