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The year is 1850. Here’s a marvelous daguerreotype of an unknown Boston woman, taken by Southworth & Hawes. As you can see, the clarity is amazing for 164 years ago. Albert Sands Southworth and Josiah Johnson Hawes are considered the fathers of photography as an artform. Color of course is by us troublemakers at American Photo

1850 - Boston Mystery Woman (O)

1850 - Boston Mystery Woman



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The year is 1844. This gentleman may be posing for his very first photo portrait. Afterall, the art of photography is still in its infancy. Either way, he looks mighty snappy in his new straw hat.

1844 - Gent Sporting Straw Hat (O1)

1844 - Gent Sporting Straw Hat


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Welcome to the American Photo photo blog. We colorize black & white photos for museums, educators, media . . . and families like yours.

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The year is 1844. Back in the early days of portrait photography, it was fashionable to be photographed with the tools of one’s trade. A blacksmith would pose with hammer and anvil, a peddler with his carrying cases, a pharmacist perhaps with a couple of beakers and a mortar and pestle. So, here we find a man leaning on a chair with a sizable key. One can only imagine what the key unlocks. Could it be the key to the gate of a large estate? Maybe the key to his heart? For all we know, the man could be Bob Cratchit – and this is the key to the front door of Scrooge & Marley’s.

As 1840s daguerreotypes go, this image is about as crisp as you’ll find – making it a worthy candidate for colorizing. Our photo subject really springs to life in color. Little did he know, when he posed for a photographer 170 years ago – that his mug would be visible to the entire planet one day.


1844 - Man With A Key