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The year is 1850. Here’s a marvelous daguerreotype of an unknown Boston woman, taken by Southworth & Hawes. As you can see, the clarity is amazing for 164 years ago. Albert Sands Southworth and Josiah Johnson Hawes are considered the fathers of photography as an artform. Color of course is by us troublemakers at American Photo

1850 - Boston Mystery Woman (O)

1850 - Boston Mystery Woman



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The year is 1855. Here is a truly haunting daguerreotype of young Alice Mary Hawes, whose father was noted photographer, Josiah Johnson Hawes. Hawes and his partner, Albert Sands Southworth operated the Boston daguerreotype studio, “Southworth & Hawes” from 1843 to 1863. They boasted a number of illustrious New Englanders among their clientele, who sought them out because of their artistic flair with composition and lighting.

We’ve added color to the image, not to compete with Josiah Hawes (who simply cannot be outdone), but to bring his daughter to colorful life, as she would have appreared posing for her father in 1855.

Alice Mary Haws - 1852 (O)

1855 - Alice Mary Hawes (Boston, MA)