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The year is 1874. It’s July 4th in the home of American Photo – Ventura, California. Ventura, north of Malibu and south of Santa Barbara, is famous for two top surfing spots, The Rincon and Surfers Point. But back in 1874, a mere 141 years ago – the community bore closer resemblance to Tombstone, Arizona and Dodge City, Kansas. One would never imagine that the blue Pacific Ocean is only blocks away, since not one horse or buggy in the photo has a surfboard on top.

Ventura- July 4, 1874 (O-Sepia)

1874 - Ventura, CA - July 4th - A

Now, here is Ventura today. Many of the old buildings still line Ventura’s downtown streets, but the horse ‘n’ buggies have been replaced by dune buggies and street rods.

July 4th - Ventura, CA (2002) 2

July 4th - Ventura, CA (2002) 1

July 4th - Ventura, CA (2002) 3


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