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The year is 1922. Here’s legendary Hawaiian surfer and Olympic swimmer, Duke Kahanamoku teaching actress, Laura Anson the crawl stroke, during filming of “The Impossible Mrs. Bellew”. Conrad Nagel and director, Sam Wood look on.

On June 14, 1925 Duke rescued eight men from a fishing vessel that capsized in heavy surf while returning to the harbor at Newport Beach, California. Of 29 fishermen who went into the water – 12 survived. Duke was responsible for saving 8 of them, by paddling his surfboard to the fishermen, loading one man on – and paddling to shore. Duke did this 8 times. Newport’s police chief called Duke Kahanamoku’s efforts “the most superhuman surfboard rescue act the world has ever seen.”

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1922 - Duke Kahanamoku (R1)

1922 - Duke Kahanamoku - ALT 2