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Welcome to the American photo blog! We colorize black & white photos for television, museums, print media, multi-media, and families like yours.

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The year is 1924. Cruising the streets of Washington, DC, this pretty flapper of the Roaring ’20s is sure to stop traffic behind the wheel of her sporty pedal car. Beep-Beep, Beep-Beep, YEAH!

Washington DC - Little Car (1924) 1920)




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Welcome to the American Photo photo blog. We colorize black & white photos for museums, educators, media . . . and families like yours.

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The year is 1971. American Photo Colorizing offers special reduced prices for family photo colorizing. Most high school yearbook photos were black & white through the 1970s. We’re featuring several such yearbook photos over the coming week – of my own 1972 graduating class from Duxbury High School in Massachusetts. Here, one of our star athletes, Paul McGarigal poses with his muscle car (I think it was a Gran Torino) in September 1971.

Paul McGarigal (1971)

1971 - Paul McGarigal - Duxbury


Duxbury is located north of Plymouth, and was the hometown of many of the original pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower, like Myles Standish, John Alden and Priscilla Alden. This photo of Paul was scanned from the yearbook, and only measured about 3″ across. Even at this small size, it provided a fairly clean image for colorizing. Seems like yesterday we posed for these photos.

Blakeman's - Duxbury Beach

At American Photo Colorizing, our goal is to shred the black & white veil that separates us from the exciting, vibrant lives of those who came before us. It’s time to “Go Color” with your vintage and antique family photos.

Remember . . . your ancestors are counting on YOU!