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Welcome to American Photo Colorizing.com’s photo blog. We colorize black & white photos for museums, media, multi-media, and families like yours. A visit to our website gets you started – and it’s still not too late to order and have it before Christmas Eve: http://www.americanphotocolorizing.com

The year is 1900. This Christmas season, we’ve had no shortage of snow sleighs. And today is another in a series of horse-powered open sleighs. Opting for a Christmas card stylized approach, lightly-falling snow and chimney smoke have been added to this wintry scene. In addition, the decision was made to extend the roof on the building at left – which also meant extending the sky and trees.

Sometimes, I’ll extend the backgrounds in client photos, to center the subject better or provide dimensions that are compatible with standard picture frames. If you’ll look closely at the colorized image, you’ll see that I’ve added a glow to the street lamp, in the tradition of Thomas Kincaid.

We’re including another stocking stuffer for you, after our Christmas advertisement. So don’t scamper off too quickly!

1900 - Horsedrawn Sleigh (O-Sepia)

1900 - Horsedrawn Sleigh (O1)

1900 - Jingle All The Way

Christmas is coming on like the Polar Express. It’s not too late to look through your family photo collection. We can still give you a 12-hour turnaround time. A beautifully-colorized image of your ancestors (suitable for enlarging and framing) makes a wonderful keepsake for the entire family. This year, “Give the Christmas Present of Christmas Past!”

Christmas Ad 1 (Nov.1,2013) A


We were strolling through Pacific View Mall last Christmas season, and came upon a very cool kiosk, operated by Jerry and his wife, Lorice from Bethlehem . . . yes, THAT Bethlehem. Jerry is an artisan near the Church of the Nativity, where he fashions exquisite manger scenes, and other Christianity-related handicrafts from olive wood.

The couple are Palestinian Christians living in Bethlehem. Their family goes back many generations in the City of David. They are such delightful people, we couldn’t resist hanging out with them at their little shop. Being Christians, ourselves, Sheryl and I prayed over them.

Before we headed for the food court and teriyaki chicken – Lorice extended an invitation for us to stay at their home, should we ever come to Israel. How cool that would be!

This year, another artisan from their group in Bethlehem, Johnny, is running the kiosk – and he’s very nice, as well. This year, we purchased a very nice olive wood nativity scene for a fraction of what these kind of products go for.

If you’re anywhere near the Pacific View Mall in Ventura, California – you’d be silly not to stop by and purchase a beautiful olive wood manger, cross, or other Christian artifact from our Bethlehem friends. ~David

Bethlehem 6

Bethlehem 5

Bethlehem 2

Bethlehem 1

Bethlehem 4

Bethlehem 3


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