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The year is 1963. From his debut in 1961 through 1983, Bullwinkle J. Moose was everyone’s favorite balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here he is floating above the streets of New York City just a week after the JFK tragedy. America needed a reason to smile, and Bullwinkle, trouper that he is, gave them plenty to smile about.

Little did we imagine on Thanksgiving Day 1963, that in 9 short weeks, a quartet of mop-topped singers from Liverpool, England, who called themselves The Beatles, would win the hearts of America, on CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show. But, for now, lifting the spirit of an America in mourning, fell on the t-shirted shoulders of our Bullwinkle. And so it was on an unforgettable Thanksgiving 52 years ago.

Macy's 27a

1963 - Macy's Parade - Bullwinkle (NEW)

Christmas will sneak up on you before you know it. It isn’t too early to start looking through your family photo collection. A beautifully-colorized image of your ancestors (suitable for enlarging and framing) makes a wonderful keepsake for the entire family. This year, “Give the Christmas Present of Christmas Past!”

Christmas Ad 1 (Nov.1,2013) A


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