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Welcome to American Photo Colorizing .com’s photo blog. The year is 1964. It was a year that began somberly in January, as America continued to mourn the loss of a president. Five weeks from New Years Day, mourning gave way to unbridled euphoria – at least among teens and pre-teens, as Beatlemania and the British Invasion swept across America. A young man by the name of Cassius Clay defeated Sonny Liston for the world heavyweight title. Ford Motors unveiled their sporty mid-size car, the Ford Mustang.

And as it has done for over 100 years, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade wound its way through New York City streets. A million spectators line the parade route. From 77th Street at Central Park West to Columbus Circle at 6th Avenue, past 42nd Street, all the way to Macy’s Department Store at 34th Street in Herald Square come the marching bands, floats, oversized character balloons, singers, dancers . . . and of course, Santa Claus. You really haven’t seen a parade until you’ve seen Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

In New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut we called it The Macy’s Day Parade. And in the 1960s there were certain balloons and floats we always awaited. Some attractions, like the Giant Turkey and the Pilgrim Couple date back to at least the 1940s – and are still part of the parade today. There were three balloons that defined the 1960s Macy’s parade for us kids: Underdog, Bullwinkle Moose, and this fellow here, the Pink Panther. Can anyone look upon ‘His Royal Pinkness’ – and not start humming the Henry Mancini-crafted theme song? We’ll be featuring a number of colorized photos of the parade from now through Thanksgiving Day. So . . . who wants some eggnog?

1964 - Macys Parade - Pink Panther (BW)

1964 - Macys Parade - Pink Panther

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