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Welcome to the American Photo Colorizing.com photo blog. We colorize black & white photos for museums, educators, media . . . and families like yours.

A visit to our website gets you started: http://www.americanphotocolorizing.com

Christmas is coming! Don’t laugh – it’ll creep up on you before you know what hit you. Well, there’s no better Christmas or Hanukkah present you could give than one that is Personal. And what could be more personal – and unexpected – than a colorized family photo? Your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding, a vintage family portrait – I’m sure you can imagine a host of possibilities.

For a limited time – and just in time for the holidays, American Photo Colorizing is offering colorizing of Family Photos for a low price of only $50.00 + $2.50 to cover PayPal fees (Yes, we do accept PayPal!).
It’s best to order yours now, in mid-October to avoid the holiday rush. You already know the high quality of our work. Imagine presenting one of our colorized family photos to your loved ones. It’s a gift you know they’ll treasure forever. Just email your family black & white photos to david@americanphotocolorizing.com – and we’ll take it from there. Right now, we have a quick turn-around time – so dig into your photo albums and find that perfect picture (or two . . . or three).

We’re featuring a photo we colorized for a terrific customer, Julien Polillo (an All-American Good Guy from Baltimore, Maryland. It’s a wonderful 1970s image of Mano Swartz Furs, also of Baltimore. Here’s the photo, first in black & white – and then in full-color by American Photo Colorizing. Finally, we share the moment Julien presented the colorized and framed image of Mano Swartz Furs – to his boss, Richard Swartz – who LOVED it (as you can tell). And thanks to Julien, we all know where to buy the finest furs on the East Coast! Once more, here is a link to our website. http://www.americanphotocolorizing.com
Here’s where to email us your photos: david@americanphotocolorizing.com

BLOG - Howard Street, Balitmore Store (1976) (O) - A

BLOG - Mano Swartz Furs (Baltimore - 1976) Julien Polillo - A

BLOG - Colorized Canvas Julien with Richard Swartz (2015) - A


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