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Welcome to American Photo Colorizing .com’s photo blog,.We colorize black & white photos for museums, television, print media, and families like yours. A visit to our website gets you started:

The year is 1864 – REALLY! A beautiful girl posed for this haunting photo at the age of 16 . . . in 1864. Her name was Ellen Terry, and she became Britain’s top Shakespearean actress, performing on both sides of ‘the pond’. Ellen’s theatrical career spanned 7 decades – into the 1920s. But, here we find her frozen in time at 16 years old – during the American Civil War era. This is an excellent example of how color can bring a 150 year-old scene into the present.

1864 - Ellen Terry, Age 16 (R1)

1864 - Actress, Ellen Terry, Age 16

In May 2015, just a few short months ago, we were commissioned to colorize a small collection of Civil War-era etchings and photos for Washington, DC’s “Grand Review Parade of 2015”. You can find a full presentation of the Grand Review on our website’s “Welcome” page:

The parade was broadcast on C-Span – and our colorized Civil War images were used for all Grand Review promotion and souvenir items.
Here’s the official souvenir book with one of our colorized photos featured on the cover.

GrandReview002  A


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