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It all started with a simple post from Sheryl on David’s Facebook page: “Color this?”.

1912 - San Buena Ventura Mission (O)

“Hey this is Sheryl I posted this picture for David to color…dont you think it would look great? Let him know…”
September 1 at 1:42pm

Joseph W. (Florida): “You do amazing work”.

Roy K. (California): “I know that this pic would look absolutely awesome and fantastic when David gets through with it, and I know this because he’s the best at what he does”.

With that kind of build-up, who could resist? And so, I proceeded to burn the midnight oil as I hovered over my computer keyboard . . .

The year is 1912. The San Buenaventura Mission in Ventura, CA (home of American Photo Colorizing) was founded by Franciscan priest, Junipero Serra in 1782. The first church building was destroyed by fire. Construction on the present church and additional buildings was begun in 1792, and completed in 1809. The dedication ceremony took place on September 9, 1809 – 206 years ago this week.

The church serves as a Catholic Parish to this day – and with its serene gardens and rustic interior – is also a very popular Southern California tourist attraction. The current Pastor is Father Tom Elewaut – a friend of American Photo Colorizing. It never hurts to have friends in high places!

1912 - San Buena Ventura Mission

Here is the San Buenaventura Mission as it looks today – fresh and modern, with a white exterior coat.

San Buenaventura Mission (2015)

If you’re in the Los Angeles-Santa Barbara area of Southern California – Ventura is freeway-close along the Ventura Freeway (101 Freeway), or take scenic Pacific Coast Highway north from Santa Monica. Along with the mission, Ventura County boasts some of the top surfing spots in the USA – Surfers Point, Rincon, and Ventura County Line among them. End of tourism commercial.

Rincon (2015)

Ventura, CA - Main Street on July 4th (1280 pxl)

Ventura, Ca Beach At Sunset (2009)

* Scenic Ventura photos Copyright 2015 by American Photo Colorizing


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