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The year is 1907. Here is Samuel Langhorne Clemens in his twilight years. You’ll find this image in color all over the internet. Mark Twain is a colorization of ours from 10 years ago, and has been copied by many fledgling colorizing artists since we first posted it on our website.

A few of these plagiarists have reaped considerable glory for their artistic “genius” – but this is the Original Colorization of Mark Twain. Sometimes being a “pioneer” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You create, others steal – But, I digress. Back to Sam Clemens . . .

Using the pen name, Mark Twain, Clemens became one of America’s great authors. His name came from his days on the riverboats – and referred to a measure of water depth in the river.

From “Tom Sawyer” to “Huckleberry Finn” – to “Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”, Clemens left us a vast collection of memorable stories. What makes them so vivid, is that so much of Clemens’ own adventures, and his zest for life are in abundance in the characters and situations of his books.

Mark Twain 1907 (O1)

1907 - Mark Twain


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