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American Photo Colorizing.com is your #1 Google-Ranked photo colorizing studio, located in sunny Southern California We serve major museums, little museums, television and film production companies, print media, multi-media, corporate and government entities . . . and families like yours. We’ve been the professionals’ choice for Historic & Vintage Photo Colorizing since 2002. A visit to our website gets you started:


The year is 1918. Nobody knows how to throw a parade like New Yorkers. It’s true now – and it was true nearly 100 years ago. Since we’re posting this blog edition just in time for Independence Day Weekend 2015, this parade image from the days of World War 1 just seemed to fit. As usual color was added by American Photo Colorizing (That’s us!).

Have a “safe ‘n’ sane” July 4th . . . Enjoy the festivities . . . and don’t blow yourselves up.

NYC Parade (1918) (O1)

1918 - New York City Parade


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