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Welcome to the American Photo Colorizing .com photo blog.

If you’d like us to colorize images for your museum, publication, documentary – or even for the family – a visit to our website gets you started:

History Channel - Blood & Glory TV Promo 2 (1280x960)

The History Channel documentary, “Blood & Glory- The Civil War In Color is PREMIERING TONIGHT – and American Photo Colorizing is a part of it!

History Channel Black Logo 1

We’re very excited to be on the team that created colorized pictures for the first ever Civil War documentary to feature a wide selection of photos. This is going to change the way we look at History – especially the young people, who never grew up with Black & White.

Back on July 4th, 2002, American Photo Colorizing kicked off what has become a genre – Historic Photo Colorizing. We’ve waited 13 years for this moment – and to have our colorizing work included just blows us away.

Once again, “Blood & Glory – The Civil War In Color” airs tonight, April 7th and Tuesday, April 14th. Check your local cable provider for air times. Then gather the family around the TV for this exciting History Channel presentation.

As promised, here are some Civil War era colorizations from our own American Photo Colorizing photo gallery – similar to the ones we created for the History Channel’s groovy documentary!:

1850 - Slave Named Jack (O)

1850 - My Name Is Jack

1865 - Battlefield at Cold Harbor, VA (April) (O)

1865 - Burials - Cold Harbor, Virginia

General Ambrose E. Burnside - 1862 (O)

1862 - General Ambrose Burnside

1861 - Pvt. Edwin Francis Jemison 2nd Louisiana (R2)

1861 - Private Edwin Jemison

Abraham Lincoln (1860)  A(O)

1860 - Abe Lincoln - Closeup

Cottage BW

1865 - Cottage of Col.Nathaniel Michler - Petersburg, VA

Grapevine Bridge - 5th NH Infantry - Chickahominy River, VA (May 1862) (O)

1862 - Chickahominy River, VA - 5th NH Inf.

1865 - Grand Review of Armies (R)

1865 - Grand Review of The Armies 2

Art - Blood & Glory Promo

2015 - Grand Review Parade

You’ll see American Photo Colorizing at the Grand Review of the Troops – Washington, DC’s final hoorah to the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War! One of our colorized images has been selected as the official logo image for the city-wide celebration. There will be a Grand Review Parade, a glamorous ball – and a selection of our colorized Civil War photos and lithographs will be on exhibit at the African American Civil War Museum in the heart of Washington, DC. Here’s the lowdown on the hoedown:



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