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Welcome to the American Photo Colorizing .com photo blog.

If you’d like us to colorize images for your museum, publication, documentary – or even for the family – a visit to our website gets you started: http://www.americanphotocolorizing.com

The History Channel documentary, “Blood & Glory- The Civil War In Color is finally a reality – and American Photo Colorizing is a part of it!

A few months ago we were commissioned by Prometheus Studios, based in Hollywood, to colorize a collection of Civil War photos for the documentary. We’re very excited to be on the team that created colorized pictures for the first ever Civil War documentary to feature a wide selection of photos.

Again, “Blood & Glory – The Civil War In Color” airs April 7th and Tuesday, April 14th. Check your local cable provider for air times. Then gather the family around the TV for this exciting History Channel presentation.

Here are some Civil War era colorizations from our own American Photo Colorizing photo gallery:

Garrison House - Fort Monroe, VA (1864) (O)

1864 - Garrison House - Fort Monroe, VA

1850 - Boston Mystery Woman (O)

1850 - Boston Mystery Woman

Georgetown Ferry Boat,  Aqueduct Bridge from Mason's Island - Washington, DC (R1)


1863 - US Military Engine, General Haupt (O)

1863 - US Military Engine, General Haupt

1865 - Robert E. Lee at Home (O)

1865 - Robert E. Lee At Richmond

1862 - Camp Winfield Scott, VA (O)

1862 - Camp Winfield Scott - Yorktown, VA

Provost Marshal General Marsena R. Patrick and Staff - Culpeper, VA, September (1863) (O)

1863 - General M. Patrick & Staff

North Anna River, VA (1864)

1864 - North Anna River, Virginia


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