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Welcome to the American Photo Colorizing .com photo blog.

If you’d like us to colorize images for your museum, publication, documentary – or even for the family – a visit to our website gets you started:

The History Channel documentary, “Blood & Glory- The Civil War In Color is finally a reality – and American Photo Colorizing is a part of it!

A few months ago we were commissioned by Prometheus Studios, based in Hollywood, to colorize a collection of Civil War photos for the documentary. We’re very excited to be on the team that created colorized pictures for the first ever Civil War documentary to feature a wide selection of photos.

Again, “Blood & Glory – The Civil War In Color” premiers Tuesday, April 7th and Tuesday, April 14th. Check your local cable provider for show times – then gather the family around the TV for this exciting History Channel presentation.

Art - Blood & Glory Promo



  1. Thanks for letting us know. It is good to have the History Channel showing some actual history for a change! Good for you to represent the U.S., was all of the others from non-U.S. countries? (This is a bit surprising to hear)

    How much time did you spend researching the colors for the show? I hope the images are high resolution so you can zoom in and see all of the detail, it is really fascinating what you can find in these images.

    Please share more of your images from the show!

    • We aren’t the only American colorizer. We just want to thank the USA for making it possible for us to do what we do. Seeing photo colorizing be recognized as a legitimate artform has been a 13 year goal of ours. Back in 2002, we literally started the genre of Historic Photo Colorization. There was nobody for us to draw from – we were all there was. This remained true until 2010, when we first achieved the #1 Google Ranking for Photo Colorizing, that other colorist-wannabes saw what we were doing – and began to duplicate our idea.

      As for time spent on research – literally hours per photo. Every historical image we colorize takes at least 6 hours to research and perfect. Unfortunately, we’re not permitted, per our contract – to post images from the History Channel program. Because our work was going to be used for television, the production company required 7,500 dpi at the largest dimension. Thanks for writing.

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