BABY BLUE (1850)

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The year is 1850. Daguerreotypes are very interesting in their own right. By adding color, what I’m trying to accomplish is a sense of “you are there”. It’s pretty rare to find an early daguerreotype that lends itself well to realistic colorizing. In our gallery we’ve amassed a nice selection of higher quality daguerreotypes I’ve colorized.

Last week I came across this 1850s image of a pretty young lady in her bonnet. As you can see, there’s a lot of pitting that had to be repaired before color could be added. But, I could see that the overall image had nice definition to it. Before colorizing, I decided to extend her body to center her better in the photo. Colorizing took a few attempts, but I finally came up with a fairly lifelike color version. I really enjoy seeing a girl from 165 years ago spring to life in full color – or in shades of blue.

1850s - Baby Blue (O)

1850 - Baby Blue


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