OH, FRANKIE! (1940)

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2015 - Grand Review Parade

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The year is 1940. It was a very good year for Frank Sinatra. On January 26th, he kicked off the new year as new male vocalist of the great Tommy Dorsey band, releasing 40 recordings during 1940. Frankie’s career took off like a rocket. By 1941, he was #1 in America, voted Top Male Vocalist in Billboard and Downbeat polls. With legions of young “bobby-soxers” screaming and fainting at the slightest sway of his slender frame, Frankie became America’s first teen idol.

On December 30, 1942, Frankie debuted at New York’s Paramount Theater backed by the Benny Goodman Orchestra to a packed house of screaming bobby-soxers. Sinatra recalled the night, “The sound that greeted me was absolutely deafening. It was a tremendous roar. Five thousand kids, stamping, yelling, screaming, applauding. I was scared stiff. I couldn’t move a muscle. Benny Goodman froze, too. He was so scared he turned around, looked at the audience and said, ‘What the hell is that?’. I burst out laughing.”

1940 - Frank Sinatra at CBS (O)

1940 - Oh, Frankie!


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