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Welcome to the American Photo photo blog!

We promised you a special announcement this week, and here it is. American Photo Colorizing is currently colorizing photos for an upcoming Civil War TV-documentary and for a major Hollywood legend.

In May (2015) we will have a selection of Civil War images on exhibit at the Afro American Civil War Museum in Washington, DC – which are also being used to promote the upcoming Grand Review of the Troops celebration in the city.

2015 - Grand Review Parade

We at American Photo Colorizing thank you for allowing us to serve your photo colorizing needs since July 4, 2002.

A visit to our website gets you started:

The year is 1864. This young sailor aboard the USS New Hampshire, is what was commonly known as a “Powder Monkey” during the American Civil War. When this photo was taken, the ship was at Charleston, South Carolina.

According to Wikipedia, a Powder Monkey’s “chief role was to ferry gunpowder from the powder magazine in the ship’s hold to the artillery pieces, either in bulk or as cartridges”. Powder Monkeys were mere boys, aged 12-14. Prior to colorizing this image, I cleaned it up a bit and sharpened the clarity. This is one of my personal favorites from the 100+ Civil War photos I’ve colorized over the years.

1864 - Powder Monkey on U.S.S. New Hampshire (2)

1864 - Powder Monkey Aboard USS-NH


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