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The year is 1944. America is at war. For the teen set, this is the Swing era – the sound of the Big Bands. Frank Sinatra is “The Voice”. Teenage girls clamor to see Frankie sing, so they can swoon . . . and scream. His legions of female fans are known as Bobby-Soxers. One look at the two high school girls hanging around the counter, tells you where the nickname sprang from. Teen life in the 1940s revolved around high school football games, the local malt shop, the movie theater, and music/record shops similar to this one in Webster Groves, Missouri. This is a classic photo in black & white – and it becomes a vehicle for transporting us into the 1940s, when colorized.

1944 - Teenagers in Music Store- Webster Groves, MO (December 1944) (R1)

1944 - Music Store - Webster Groves, MO


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