WAR IS OVER! (1865)

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The year is 1865. It’s May 23-24. The American Civil War ended just 6 weeks ago. And a mere 5 weeks ago, the life of a president was ended. It’s been a tough four years for the divided nation. But now, it’s ‘Miller Time’ . . . . more or less. Washington, DC let its hair down for a two-day “Grand Review of the Armies”.

Just as The Beatles served as the happy antidote for an America still mourning the loss of its youthful president 98 years later – the Grand Review of the Armies was a celebration to help lift the spirits of a nation’s capitol still reeling from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Ahead lay the long and winding road to reconciliation.

1865 - Grand Review of Armies (R)

1865 - Grand Review of The Armies 2


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