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The year is 1945. For Vice President Harry S. Truman, February 10, 1945 probably began like any other day. Breakfast with wife, Bess, have a morning meeting with his boss, FDR. Perhaps at noon he hosted a dignitary or two for lunch. And then it was off to the National Press Club Canteen, where, according to the Truman Presidential Library, he would entertain our servicemen with his piano playing. Fairly routine activities for the president.

Twenty year-old Hollywood actress, Lauren Bacall just happened to be at the canteen, when Harry S. sat down and began to tickle the ivories. Bacall’s press agent, Charlie Enfield, who was also chief of publicity for Warner Brothers, gets a brainstorm. Charlie has Bacall saunter over to the piano, and hoist herself on top. Well, you can see from the photo why she caused a worldwide sensation. Photos of Lauren and Harry enjoying an intimate moment at the piano made front pages around the globe.

Three months later, Harry S. Truman is the new President of the United States, and Lauren Bacall is wed to her love interest in “To Have And Have Not” – actor, Humphrey Bogart.

Lauren Bacall & Harry S. Truman (1945) (O)

1945 - Lauren Bacall & Harry S. Truman


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