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Welcome to the American Photo photo blog! We colorize black & white photos for museums, educators, media . . . . . and families like yours.

A visit to our website gets you started:

The year is 1885. Here’s what the well-dressed beach crowd was wearing 130 years ago, when the universal rule in America wws “Let nobody see thy knees”. My, doesn’t this family look thrilled! I colorized this image several years ago, and nicknamed them the “Pugsleys”, after the son on the Adams Family. The name just stuck, like the chewing gum on the bottom of a good man’s shoe.

At American Photo Colorizing, our goal is to shred the black & white veil that separates us from the lives of those who came before us. It’s time to “Go Color” with your vintage and antique family photos. Your ancestors are counting on you!

1885 - Pugsley Family at Beach (O2)

1885 - Pugsley Family At The Beach


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