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The year is 1915. Yes, Virginia, once upon a time in America, we used to have various product and service people who would go house to house delivering their goods. Some folks sold fresh fruits and vegetables from their horse-drawn trucks. Every summer evening after supper, the Good Humor ice cream man would slowly make his way down our street – and whole families would gather around his truck. Once a week the Breadman would stop by with his fresh baked goods – as would the local Milkman. In those days, our family doctor would even make house calls.

Growing up in North-Central New Jersey, where this photo was taken, I remember the milkman would pull into our driveway as the sun came up. The night before, we’d leave our empty milk bottles in a metal milk box by the kitchen door. He’d remove the empties, replacing them with new bottles of milk. My mom would leave him a note stuffed in the top of one of the empty bottles, telling him she’d also like a pound of yellow butter, a dozen eggs, and a container of cottage cheese. He would leave these items inside the metal box with the milk, and we’d rush to get them as soon as we woke up.

In these hectic times, we often get so busy that little things that were such a part of our day-to-day lives suddenly vanish, and we don’t even notice. Then one day, many years later, we’ll be chatting with friends, and someone will say, “Remember when a milkman used to deliver dairy products to our homes?”. We’ll pause for a moment, nod our heads, and say, “Yeahhh…”.

Same can be true of forgetting to remember our ancestors. They remain a part of us, and yet, how will our children connect with these family icons of the past?

At American Photo Colorizing, our goal is to shred the black & white veil that separates us from the lives of those who came before us. It’s time to “Go Color” with your vintage and antique family photos. Your ancestors are counting on you!

Milk Man 1915 (O2)

1915 - Milk Man - New Jersey



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