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The year is 1886. The legend of Geronimo really begins in 1858, when Mexican soldiers led by Colonel Jose Maria Carrasco attacked the Apaches, murdering Geronimo’s wife, mother and children. Upon discovering his slain family, Geronimo became determined to seek revenge. He was an intelligent and brave fighter, who successfully thwarted Mexican and U.S. troops for three decades.

Geronimo surrendered to General Nelson A. Miles on September 4, 1886. He was the last native chief to surrender. Our featured photo of Geronimo was likely taken shortly after his surrender. General Miles called Geronimo “one of the brightest, most resolute, determined-looking men I have ever encountered.”

Here’s an unexpected tidbit about Geronimo’s latter years. According to “Geronimo, His Own Story”, published by Ballantine Books, Geronimo wrote the following, “I have adopted the Christian religion. I believe that the church has helped me much during the short time I have been a member. I am not ashamed to be a Christian, and I am glad to know that the President of the United States is a Christian, for without the help of the Almighty I do not think he could rightly judge in ruling so many people. I have advised all of my people who are not Christians, to study that religion, because it seems to me the best religion in enabling one to live right.”

We’ve featured just a few moments from the life of Geronimo, to provide a little background for today’s photo. His was a fascinating life, and a tragic one in so many ways. It is only fitting that he be remembered in full-color.

Geronimo 1886 (R1)

1886 - Geronimo!

At American Photo Colorizing, our goal is to shred the black & white veil that separates us from the exciting, vibrant lives of those who came before us. It’s time to “Go Color” with your vintage and antique family photos.

Remember . . . your ancestors are counting on YOU!


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