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The year is 1864. Quarles Mill sat along the North Anna River in Caroline County, Virginia. As you can see, it was a rather serene setting – the kind of scenery postcards and calendar are made of. However, on May 23rd, Quarles Mill played a role in the skirmishes that made up the Battle of the North Anna. It was here, at Quarles Mill that portions of the 5th Corps of the Union Army crossed the North Anna River. There were a number of strategic errors made in both camps – not the least of these being Brig. General and ultimately the battle ended in a stalemate.

As you can see, the original daguerreotype by photographer, Alex Gardner, was actually circular in shape. The version I based the colorization on was cropped from the original. This image was yellowed and needed some cleaning up of various scrapes, scratches, and stains. Once the restorative work was complete, colorizing was a very enjoyable experience. Colorizing produced a very lifelike affect, on the rushing waters over the dam. Color just has a way of making scenery “pop”.

Quarles Mill (1864) (Original Oval Image)

Quarles Mill (1864) (O - Cropped Sepia)

1864 - Quarles' Mill, North Anna River, VA


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