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The year is 1941. I can’t look at a photo of the New Yor City docks without being reminded of the Dead End Kids aka The Eastside Kids aka The Bowery Boys of B-Movie fame. When they’d be on the run from the cop on the beat – usually for stealing apples – the city docks would be their hangout.

Most of our colorized images are sized to conform to certain dimensions for easy framing. To accomplish this task, I added extra sky to the image prior to colorizing. This also creates a scene that is more evenly centered. I chose the colors for this colorization, based on the general appearance of New York highrises of the period, and on color tones that were typical for early 1940s color film. All that’s missing are the sounds of ship horns and tugboat whistles – and perhaps Leo Gorcey yelling, “Chickie, the cops!”.

1941 - New York Waterfront (O)

1941 - New York Waterfront

Dead End 1

Dead End Kids (1937) 2


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