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The year is 1860. Today is Abraham Lincoln’s 205th birthday. Despite the accusations made by historical revisionists, I consider Abraham Lincoln to be a great American president. Did he take radical measures during his presidency? Sure. But he held the nation together – a nation that was being torn apart at the seams. This is certainly Lincoln’s greatest accomplishment.

We can debate his gradual transition to finally abolishing slavery – but the fact is, in the end, he did abolish it. Then, in the closing days of the Civil War, against intense political opposition, he advised the North to forgive and welcome the South back into the Union. It would seem that Abraham Lincoln was chosen by God “for such a time as this”. So today, in commemoration of his humble birth, I dedicate this colorized image.

On an artistic, photographic note – as you can see, this image of Abe Lincoln, from the Library of Congress, is seriously damaged. One of our goals here at American Photo Colorizing, is to see our colorized version also be on display at the Library of Congress, the National Portrait Museum, or the Smithsonian. It’s time for the American people to see Lincoln as he appeared in real life in 1860.

1860 - Abraham Lincoln (1)

1860 - Honest Abe


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