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Welcome to the American Photo Colorizing.com photo blog! We colorize black & white photos for museums, media, multi-media, and families like yours. Our online Photo Gallery features 100s of colorized vintage images available for purchase. These images are HD-quality, and can be enlarged to at least 18″x24″. They look beautify when framed or mounted as a canvas wrap.

A visit to our website gets you started: http://www.americanphotocolorizing.com

The year is 1940. This photo has always reminded me of Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz.

For those of you considering having American Photo Colorizing transform one of your black & white family photos – here’s the perfect Before & After of what can be accomplished. This is my mother, Marjorie, in her Trenton, New Jersey backyard in 1940.

As nice as the original black & white photo is – it’s clearly no match for the colorized version, when it comes to realism. Naturally, colorizing the entire family album is not an option – but, every family has at least one or two photos of loved ones they’d like to remember in full color.

Contact me at our studio. We can discuss details, and I’ll be able to give you my assessment of what kind of results to expect, when you email me your photo. Remember, the larger and crisper the original photo is – the more realistic the colorization will be.

You can begin by visiting our online “Gallery” at http://www.americanphotocolorizing.com. Every main page of the website has a “Contact Us” link. We look forward to serving you. Now, everybody sing! “Some-where…over the clothes-line”. ~David

1940 - Somewhere Over The Clothesline (O)

1940 - Somewhere Over The Clothesline


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