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Welcome to American Photo’s photo blog. We colorize black & white photos for museums, media, multi-media, and families like yours. Our online Photo Gallery features 100s of colorized vintage images available for purchase. These images are HD-quality, and can be enlarged to at least 18″x24″. They look beautify when framed or mounted as a canvas wrap.

A visit to our website gets you started:

The year is 1895. We’ve all heard about the One-Horse Open Sleigh and jingling all the way. But, how about the TWO-Horse Open Sleigh? If one horse can plow you into a “drifted bank” – just imagine what two horses can do. We’ll never know for sure, as this pair won’t make it out of first gear. They’re headed for a leisurely ride through the streets of Hobart, New York – where this photo was taken in the winter of 1895.

Colorizing really makes this Victorian snow scene “pop”. It also conveys the cold better than black & white could. So, this forgotten photo sat on ice for 118 years – waiting for a moment such as this, when it could be revealed in realistic full-color.
See how happy it looks now? You betcha!

1895 - Two-Horse Open Sleigh (Hobart, NY) (1)

1895 - Two-Horse Open Sleigh

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This year, “Give the Christmas Present of Christmas Past!”

Christmas Ad 1 (Nov.1,2013) A


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