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Welcome to American Photo Colorizing .coms’s photo blog, “Trending History”. We colorize black & white photos for museums, media, multi-media, and families like yours. Our online Photo Gallery features 100s of colorized vintage images available for purchase. A visit to our website gets you started: http://www.americanphotocolorizing.com

The year is 1861. This is the haunting face of a Civil War’s Lost Generation. His hollow eyes seem to stare straight through us. The Confederate soldier is Private Edwin Francis Jemison, age 17, of Georgia. Edwin didn’t live to see 18. He was killed at the Battle of Malvern Hill in Virginia, on July 1, 1862. Today, his is one of the best-recognized images of the American Civil War. Now, for the first time, one can see him as he looked in life – in full-color.

1861 - Pvt. Edwin Francis Jemison 2nd Louisiana (R2)

1861 - Private Edwin Jemison


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