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Trending History features “Before & After” colorized images from American Photo We colorize antique and vintage photos for Museums, Media, and the General Public. We’re currently on exhibit at Canada’s prestigious Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, AB. Our Gallery features 100s of already colorized HD images available for purchase. A visit to our website can get you started:

The year is 1879. If you’re a baseball fan, as I am, you’re wondering what it would have been like to watch this varsity baseball team from Brown University, Rhode Island in action. They’ve got standard uniforms and tapered baseball bats. Baseball had come a long way since 1859, the year the Knickerbocker Rules were adopted, laying the foundation of modern baseball. Little did these fellows realize that 134 years later, they’d be displayed in full-color on “Trending History”.

Brown U.  Baseball (1879) (O)

1879 - Brown University Baseball Team


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