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The year is 1865. Petersburg, Virginia was the kind of sleepy little village you’d expect to find on a Courier and Ives print. That is, until the Civil War came to town. Here’s the quaint log cottage of Union Colonel, Nathaniel Michler. As you can see, there’s barely enough space inside for the widescreen TV.

Cottage BW

1865 - Cottage of Col.Nathaniel Michler - Petersburg, VA


One thought on “CIVIL WAR LOG CABIN (1865)

  1. Between the big trees …The flowers and the green grass …The house is there …It’s white and brown
    and covered …with green vine …which looks like hair

    We would say “the South” … The time lasts for a long time and the life certainly … More than a million years and always in summer.

    Some day, there will have to have the war. … We know well it… We do not like that but we don’t know what to do… We say « it is the fate… »

    That reminds the lyrics of the song « Le Sud  » of Nino Ferrer

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